Permaculture at Illabunda

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Design Features

Illabunda is 5 acres (2.1 hectares) in size.  Housing will be located on the top of the hill on reasonably level ground leaving over half of the site for community use.  A buffer zone of native vegetation has been planted along the Buckleys Road frontage and the eastern boundary of the property to ensure screening from the surrounding urban environment.

The layout for the site is shown here:

Site layout (Click to view larger version, 1Mb.)
Click on map to see full size image of the site layout
The Village Green

The housing is arranged around a village green which is currently being developed and will cointain a swimming pool, BBQ, cob oven, open play space and a community centre building. The community centre building will contain meeting room for community and family events and education and arts development.

Araucaria Lookout

The lookout, near a 50-year-old Araucaria tree, provides expansive views, by both day and night, of Parramatta, and Sydney in the distance.  Set high on One Tree Hill, this view will never be built out.

The Forest
The forest
The forest

The Forest is an area of 6,000 square metres (1.5 acres) at the lower end of the site which is set aside as a conservation zone and is being regenerated to its original Cumberland Plain Woodland state.  This work was commenced a number of years ago and it is already a delightfully tranquil place. An ephemeral creek runs through the top end of this area and it is planned to recreate it and its riparian zone to increase bio-diversity and to provide a relaxing water-scape as well as to harvest stormwater run-off from Buckleys Road. The Forest will also provide opportunity for residents to work on their own bushcare project and see the natural environment, wildlife and bio-diversity develop.

Further, Illabunda’s southern boundary adjoins Parramatta City Council’s One Tree Hill Reserve which is at present under-utilised. Thus there is a tremendous opportunity for the Illabunda community to work with the council and other local residents to regenerate the reserve to natural bushland, community gardens and or other community uses.

Community Gardens
One of Illabunda's community vegetable gardens
Vege garden

There are areas around the site for community gardens, orchards and food forest which provide opportunity for residents to grow their own healthy food.  Further, the application of permaculture principles throughout the development will provide opportunity for residents to have food gardens in a number of additional locations around their own lots and around the site.





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