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Housing options

Social diversity is important for the development of a healthy community and to this end a range of housing options to suit different people in different stages of life is being implemented at Illabunda. The site plan includes 22 lots with a mix of free standing houses, duplexes, terraces and single level villas.

All lots at Illabunda are now sold.




Terrace 1Occupied lots

Freestanding Houses

These houses are of passive solar design and achieve an energy efficiency rating of at least 7 stars. Designs are tailored to respect the privacy of and solar access for neighbouring dwellings. 

Duplex Houses

Terrace 2Duplexes provide family sized two-storey homes at a lower cost than free-standing houses on individual lots.  Blueworld has designed duplex houses which provide generous four bedroom family homes with delightful north-facing living areas on compact lots. These houses are very comfortable to live in with design energy efficiency ratings of 7.5 stars.

Terrace Houses

The three bedroom "Garden Terraces" are north facing with their own deck and garden area to the north. They are a generous design with three Villasbedrooms and two separate living areas and total floor area of 174m2 plus decks.


The Villas provide delightful single level 2 and 3 bedroom living with vistas over the village green. Clerestory windows make the villas light and airy and provide good energy efficiency ratings.

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